We Launched Our Second Website

We Launched Our Second Website

Emerging HOPE Christian Counseling

Due to the enormous success of our current outreach ministry, Emerging HOPE Family Strengthening Program, we have decided to provide a dedicated platform for Emerging HOPE Christian Counseling. On that note, Emerging HOPE Christian Counseling now has its own dedicated website and will continue to function as a stand-alone for-profit business entity.
We encourage everyone to visit and explore the site, discovering the full spectrum of educational collateral such as our web-based counseling portal, a convenient client portal that allows you to schedule an appointment and to check appointment availability, as well as a link to cutting-edge resources, and our blog site. These are just a few of the informative page links that perhaps will provide a perspective you haven’t yet considered, which may make it easier to point you in the right direction, and find the solutions that you’re looking for in life.

We are most proud to announce our new counseling specialty. Our phone/web-based therapy portal. In an effort to provide services to individuals that do not have the flexibility to come into the office due to life’s demands or are restricted by distance to our practice, we are now offering sessions via phone and a secure video platform. The counseling that you will receive is highly ethical and 100% HIPPA approved. This type of counseling allows us to offer therapy services throughout the entire state of Michigan. Visit the webpage to learn more about Phone & Video Therapy here: www.emerginghopechristiancounseling.com/online-counseling/

We will continue to expand our resources and the website to deliver the most updated and culturally relevant information corresponding to the growing demand for mental health services.